Lottie Section

Simple Lottie Display

A dynamic section component that renders a Lottie animation. This component seamlessly integrates captivating Lottie animations into your web pages, enhancing the visual appeal and interactivity of your content.

Key features of this Lottie animation section component include:

Lottie Animation Playback: The primary function of this component is to provide a platform for playing Lottie animations. Lottie animations are engaging and eye-catching, making them an excellent choice for adding motion and excitement to your web design.

Easy Integration: With this component, integrating Lottie animations into your website is a breeze. You can seamlessly embed animations that align with your content and messaging, creating visually stunning and immersive web experiences.

Whether you're looking to add subtle motion effects or create dynamic storytelling elements, this Lottie animation section component empowers you to bring your web pages to life with fluid and captivating animations.

Lottie animation by lottiefiles.com


  - container: section
    name: lottie
      isDisabled: false
      isAnimated: false
      containerId: ""
      containerClass: ""
      inContainer: true
      isNarrow: true
        color: ""
        image: ""
        isDark: false
      src: https://lottie.host/9186be2c-ac50-4a0b-9d11-842c4dc2a0a4/thJT8WbGkf.json
        autoplay: true
        loop: true
      caption: "Lottie animation by lottiefiles.com"
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