Image Section

Simple Image Display

A section component to render an image, accompanied by an optional caption for added context.

Key features of this image section component include:

Image Display: The core functionality of this component is centered around displaying images in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Whether you want to showcase photographs, illustrations, or any visual content, this component ensures your images take center stage.

Optional Caption: Enhance your images with context or descriptions by utilizing the optional caption feature. This allows you to provide additional information, context, or storytelling alongside your visuals, making your content more informative and engaging.

my alt text

Image by


  - container: section
    name: image
      isDisabled: false
      isAnimated: false
      containerId: ""
      containerClass: ""
      inContainer: true
      isNarrow: true
        color: ""
        image: ""
        isDark: false
      alt: my alt text
      caption: "Image by"
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